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Power Outage Updates

Power Outage Updates

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Last update: 01/26/2015 7:01am


Shenandoah County: 0 power outage reported

Rockingham County: 0 power outage reported

Warren County: 0 power outage reported

Augusta County: 0 power outages reported


REC:  No power outages reported

Warren County: 0 power outages reported

Frederick County: 0 power outage reported

Potomac Edison:

Hardy County: 0 power outages reported

Jefferson County: 0 reported power outages

Berkeley County: 0 reported power outages

Hampshire County: 0 power outages reported


Dominion Electric:

Northern Virginia: 0 reported power outages 

Shenandoah Valley: 0 reported power outage


To report outages to your utility, use these numbers. Remember, DO NOT TOUCH DOWNED ELECTRICAL WIRES. THEY MAY BE LIVE.

Shenandoah Valley Electric Co-Op: 1-800-234-7832

Shenandoah Valley Electric Co-Op Outage Center: Click here


Rappahannock Electric Co-Op: 540-662-2100

Rappahannock Electric Co-Op Outage Center:Click here

Potomac Edison: 888-544-4877

Potomac Edison Outage Center: Click here


Dominion Electric: 1-866-366-4357

Dominion Electric Outage Center: Click here