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REVIEW: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

REVIEW: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

Twihards who have sucked up every word of the Stephenie Meyers “Twilight” books  won’t be disappointed in this  franchise best, even though the end deeply deviates from the book.  The finale makes the movie much more satisfying. And while I don’t want to hit you with a spoiler,  the climax is the most brutal action scene yet in this franchise- unlike any we’ve seen before.

 The story picks up where we last left off:  Bella is saved from a childbirth death by Edward turning her into a vampire. This is not the pouty, pessismistic Bella (Kristen Stewart).  She has morphed into a fierce, blood-thirsty, uber strong heroine whose beauty also blossoms  along with her physical strength. She even  gets bigger hair!!! Her first kill is a mountain lion, barely controlling herself to pass up an injured human mountain climber. Edward  (Rob Pattinson) spends most of the film marveling at his vampire-goddess.

 Apparently, vampire sex is better than mere mortal sex. As Bella points out to Edward, they never have to sleep and they never tire.  There’s carefully shielded nudity in the love scene. Come on- it’s a franchise for  tweens!!

 The characters are in on the  jokes this time- poking fun at themselves and each other. Jacob  (Taylor Lautner) has his obligatory I-must-show-my-body scene, this time stripping down to his underwear , inspiring shrieks of glee from the audience.

 The story really  centers on half-mortal-half child Renesmee (please don’t let that become the flavor of the moment  name- especially with her nickname, Nessie. Even Bella was outraged her daughter’s nickname is  the same as the Lock Ness monster”.)

In a major ick, Werewolf Jacob imprints on the daughter of the one-time love of his life. Apparently, an imprint is uncontrollable. He just  can’t stop himself from becoming  Renesmee’s lifelong guardian and partner.  Being half-vampire, Renesmee  (the enchanting  Mackenzie Foy) grows at an alarming rate- she’ll be a woman by the time she’s 7.

With so many special powers,  the vampire ruling class Volturi mistakes her for a child vampire, a child  bitten by a bloodsucker, so they’re convinced  Renesmee  endangers   their  very future. By the way, the campy Volturi leader Aro (Michael Sheen) is an absolute scene  stealer. 

With a major twist , the end is pure movie magic for Twihards.  Look, the tween guys have their action fantasy films. “Twilight” is  the tween girl fantasy . And before you get your snob on,  the weekend box office is expected to be 150 mil.  That’s girl power!!!

 3-and-a-half stars




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