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Guest DJ: The Head and the Heart

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A few open mic nights, tours around the world, and years of hard work song-writing later, and The Head and The Heart releases their second album, Let's Be Still. The band has definitely been making their hometown of Seattle proud.

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The Head and the Heart teamed up with iHeartRadio when they were in New York City recently to Guest DJ a radio station that represents their personal taste. Check out their favorite tracks and the stories behind them below!

1. "Sunday Morning" by Velvet Underground

Tyler: I think with Lou Reed passing away this year, it’s kind of come back into my mind as one of those classic, timeless songs. And the fact that he did go out on a Sunday morning, makes this song even more fitting.

2. "Slow Show" by The National

Tyler: I kind of fell in love with this right when Boxer came out in 2007 and it was kind of the link for me to get into the record. I think the drumming is pretty spectacular and it’s definitely an inspiration for me with what we did in Head And The Heart.

3. "Dreams Come True Girl" by Cass McCombs

Tyler: And the next song up is “Dreams Come True Girl” from Cass Mccombs. I picked up this record in 2009 right when I moved to Seattle and I had left my girlfriend behind in Richmond. And I used to listen to this song before I would go to bed, and it kind of lulled me into a nice dream-like state that made it easier to get through some of those dark winter months in Seattle.

4. "Vittorio E" by Spoon

Tyler: It’s off their Kill The Moonlight record in 2002 and this one is kind of a testament to the life of playing music and being on the road and you know “the river was long and it goes on” is one of my favorite lines that Britt Daniel ever wrote.

5. "Monkey Man" by The Rolling Stones

Josiah: I think this song might be the perfect song to put on before you go to a house party. It’s just it’s energy, you know, kind of makes you, it just puts you in the zone to slam a couple beers. Just be The Rolling Stones at that party.

6. "Lost In The Light" by Bahamas

Josiah: We met them in Winnipeg a couple years ago at a folk festival, and our bands kind of had this little love affair going on. And this song is the first song that kind of stuck out to me. It’s got this really beautiful like effortless melody and the backup girl singers are spectacular.

7. "Wolves" by Phosphorescent

Josiah: It’s a really sparse song but again the melody is great and the thing I love [the most] about this song is the lyrics. Theirs just this whole metaphor with actual wolves kind of being symbols for, like, vices that you wrestle with, but kind of also love because they’re so interval to who you are

8. "Rachel and Cali" by Damien Jurado

Josiah: He’s a Seattle musician also and this is off of a couple records ago for him but it was kind of his first record to break out a little bit. I remember hearing the last line of the song is “a friend is only a lover you’re not committed to” and I was like oh, I totally have people exactly like that. I know why you wrote this song, you’re a genius man. 

9. "Nearly Midnight, Honolulu" by Neko Case

Josiah: This song is really interesting to me. It comes off of her newest record which is pretty upbeat and rocking the entire time through. But this one is kind of a classic Neko Case to like, just throw you like a weird curve ball. It’s like – there’s like almost an absence of rhythm and it’s like a spoken word like a haunting story of this weird interaction that she had near midnight in Honolulu. It’s a beautiful song.

10. "We Used To Wait" by Arcade Fire

Josiah: It’s a song that hit me at kind of a perfect time. It’s just kind of a badass song but also the lyrics - I feel like I talk about the lyrics in pretty much every song that I talk about – but the lyrics on this one are all about how with all the technology that we have, everything kind of hinges on how we can be instantly gratified. And there’s like a sadness or a lament in this song but in a really powerful way, reminding us that we used to write letters to people and wait to hear back for days or months. It’s strange how foreign that is but that patience is something he was like, you know we’ve lost that, let's remember.

Photo Credit Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio


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